Company Profile 

Over a decade of experience in the industry, Amaze Shoppee offers the latest styles and trends of furniture, home decor, kitchenware and much more. Using traditional techniques and global market trends to influence designs, AMAZE SHOPPEE provides a wide range of stylish home decor items that are distinguished by distinct designs, high quality goods, and timeless style. Our home décor products have a rainbow of colors with a focus on finer points, and are made from ethically sourced raw materials, making them good for the environment as well as you. 

What We Serve? 

  • Furniture
  • Wall Decor
  • Planters
  • Tables 
  • Kitchenware

There are various styles, geometric patterns, and beautiful shapes that we offer to complement your life, from home decor to garden pots to kitchenware that are essential parts of your day-to-day life, to accents that give you a sense of identity. Featuring a unique combination of modern & traditional art and lifestyles, our online store will delight your senses.

Our Mission 

Our mission as India's leading retailer of stylish and luxurious home decor and furniture is to offer our customers quality and comfort at best price. Our dedication to providing our customers with outstanding customer service sets Amaze Shoppee apart from its competitors.To deliver the best experience for our customers, whether it is in terms of design, service, or comfort, we are continuously improving.


We guarantee that at AMAZE SHOPPEE you will find everything you need and we would love to serve you with the best experience.


While Amaze Shoppee serves a variety of tastes and lifestyles, it offers a hassle-free shopping experience to all of its valued customers. We offer an experience that is unique and tailored specifically for our customers. As a result of our dedication to quality, innovation, and affordability over the years, we are honored to be many people's first choice. 

As providers of high-quality goods, we are committed to offering our consumers a diverse selection. With over 4 years of expertise in the furniture & Decor business, we are confident that our customers will find what they're looking for. 


  • Diverse Collection
  • Unique Designs
  • High Quality Materials
  • Amazing Prices
  • User-Friendly Interface

We value our customers to give them a user-friendly experience offering hundreds of items in a wide range of sizes and types. To help you discover the right fit and style for every room in your house, each of these items include detailed photographs and descriptions.

With our products, you can enhance your interiors the way you want, while experiencing a sense of luxury and comfort at the same time. As the tech world changes all the time, we have maintained a robust and dynamic web presence. We also offer multiple payment options, which makes paying online safe and hassle-free. 

Shop with Amaze Shoppee & expect the absolute best furniture & Decor pieces at best price and a hassle-free shopping experience.


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